Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cards from Stats...

I got surprized by some great cards from Stats on the Back.

Any Ted Williams card is a good card so what more can I say about a Ted Williams, Ted Williams card.
I watched Manny for years and I don't remember that tattoo.  Looking at other cards I can't even find it poking out from under his shirt sleeve.  To be fair though you can't see his right arm in 90% of his cards because he is batting in them all.

I remember having this card as a kid.  I gave it and all my other baseball cards to a friend of mine when his house burned down and I started collecting only football cards.  (for awhile anyway)

I don't know why it didnt' occur to me to scan the back of a card from Stats.  That would make the most sense.  But I didn't do it and already sorted them into my collection so even though there is no stats this scan of the back of Nomar's odd card will have to do.  I have a question though.  Anyone know what this set was called?  I have a few card from it that I got at Dollar Tree years ago but I don't recal what they are called.

Thanks for the cards Mark.

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