Saturday, January 10, 2009

What is your favorite card of 2008?

Dinged Corners asked what everyone's favorite Stadium Club card was this year. So I thought I would post an even bigger question. What is you favorite card of 2008? Night Owl picked his. Here is mine. best cards three through one for 2008.
#3 Topps Heritage 392 Infield Power - I guess I'm old school because throwbacks are always the best cards. I love the way this matches the original infield power card from 1959.

#2 Masterpieces 78 Lack Lambert - I don't even own this card and I love it. Since he turned down my offer to trade it to me I had to steal the image from Cardboard Junkie. What a great painting of a throwback legend. The black border really makes it look good. I saw one that wasn't bordered and it wasn't half as nice.

#1 Upper Deck 229 Manny Ramirez - It pains me to say but this card wins by a landslide. I don't like Upper Deck. I said before that I am an old school card lover. To me cards are supposed to have a border, that is just the way it is supposed to be and the 08 set is clearly a early 90s Stadium Club rip off. The other thing that drives me nuts about Upper Deck is those ridicules YSL cards. I hate when the insert in my pack is a YSL card I fell ripped of and violated every time I pull one. But in this case Upper Deck did great, this card is just awesome. It was even a good thing there was no border. It is so crystal clear (just like a Stadium Club). You can see all of the people in the stands going nuts and the players spilling out of the dugout on the way to celebrate. Like Ali standing over Liston this is a perfectly caught moment.

Now everyone else weigh in. What is your favorite card of 08? Leave a comment or post scans of them on your blog.


deal said...

I love the photography in the 08 UD flagship set. So many of the cards look great. And they really try to give the stars great shots instead of standing out in the field lounging (Jimmy Rollins in Topps)

I also like the Masterpieces football. They just captured great moments - Chuck Bednarik. As well as Hockey - Bobby Orr.

dayf said...

I will NEVER trade that card! I am seriously considering having surgery to embed the card directly into my heart so every time it beats I will hear Lambert growl.

Dinged Corners said...

Oh gosh. I'm going to mull this for a while, but for now will go with Lucy's favorite, the A&G '08 Hideki Okajima.