Saturday, January 3, 2009

Toys for cards

I recently got in on Thorzul Will Rule's Trade me Anything. I didn't want any of the stuff he was offering though I wanted the card he had said he pulled earlier in his post, this Youkilis Game Used.
So I made him an offer that he liked. I sent him some comic figurines that I was clearing out. Not only did I get the Youkilis I get these babies.

I'm not sure what Upper Deck calls this inserts but to me this thing is a refractor. There is allot of hate in Red Sox Nation for Varitek right now. I'm hoping that Tek comes back (for a smaller salary) and proves everyone wrong.

Thorzul sent me some Chrome cards. I have to get all of my Chrome cards via trade since I can't stand to buy packs of 3 cards that are just parallels of other cards.

I also got these 2 beauties. I hadn't seen any of these mini cards. Can anyone tell me what they are exactly. I'm guessing they are a Heritage insert card. Does anyone out there have a checklist, I love mini cards. While I'm asking questions does anyone out there have any more of these that are Red Sox?

Thanks Thorzul

I have a couple more Marvel figurines to trade if anyone is interested...

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SamDaMan said...

i have a Chris Smith rookie auto from timeline if your interested.