Sunday, January 4, 2009

I've made a few blind trades now with Dave from Fielder's Choice. He never disappoints either. This year Dave's Rays got the best of my Sox and every time I see a Ray's card I think of Dave, I bet I'm not the only one. Hopefully this year will not prove the same. Here is my latest haul from Dave.

A bunch of Goudey cards highlighted by this Yaz SP.

The others were:
22 Ortiz
23 Ramirez
27 Bucholz
29 Papelbon
30 Youkilis
205 Fisk

Every time I see a new Masterpiece card i like them more and more. Dave sent me this Papi and a Yaz.
A few 07 SP authentic. Papelbon, Ortiz, and Schilling
I have been threatening to make a checklist of the 08 Stadium Club Red Sox and I am still threatening... But I'm sure I'm close to a complete set (there is only 100 cards in the base set, how many can be Red Sox) I may even be close to a complete 1st day issue set. I'm probably going to try for the 1st day issues rather than the normal versions. I have 3 now and another one promised. Dave also sent me regular issues of Ortiz and Pedroia

And finally, Dave sent me a handful of refractors. Man I love refractors. They are a pain to scan though. The scans never do them justice. The X-refractors come out fairly well in scans though, at least you can tell they are not just normal cards. Anybody have any tips on scanning refractors?
I also got some Upper Deck X Red Sox I won't go so far as to say I'm boycotting them but I'm not scanning them because the set is to ugly. Hopefully Upper Deck gets the hint and does better next year. (sorry this year, almost forgot the calender changed)
Thanks again Dave.

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Dave - Fielder's Choice said...

It's always great to trade with you, Adam. I've had some good results from scanning refractors, but I don't do anything special. Check out how good the Longoria refractor looks in this post.