Friday, November 14, 2008

They got this one right.

Topps is getting a lot of bad press. Allot of it is warranted but most of the time nobody points out the good things. I recently finished off my 1959 Topps Red Sox Team Set thanks to dayf. I got them out to compare them to 2008 Heritage. I think Topps did great with this set.
Team Card

Same colors. Same layout. I Love It!! The only thing I would have changed is I would have them cross their feet like in the 59 card.

Infield Power/Batter Bafflers

Ok, so they got the colors on the two cards backwards. But if I didn't put them all side by side would you have ever noticed. I own the cards and didn't notice till they were side by side.


Even the reverse of the cards match. This one even has the same card number in both sets.

I think Topps did a great job on these. This time Topps deserves a kudos rather than a rant.


tcp said...

You're right...they are great cards.

night owl said...

The 59/08 Hertiage team cards are wonderful, quite possibly the best ever, as long as they don't strip FENCES across the front of the team like they did for so many of the '08 Topps Heritage team cards. Red Sox got lucky and there is no fence. Other teams like the Orioles and Phillies have no fence either and they are great-looking cards.