Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Vintage Cards to Trade

I went to a card show one time without a checklist and tried to just use my memory. Needless to say the checklist works better than my brain and I get an extra copy of these. I would like to turn these into some Red Sox cards I don't already have. You can check out my want list by clicking here. I will trade these for any other vintage Sox I don't have yet. Please comment or e-mail me.

All of these cards actually look better than the scan does.

1970 Topps #215 Reggie Smith

1958 Topps 473 Bill Renna
(small crease on bottom right corner you can barely see it on the scan in the little black box)

1961 Topps #373 Red Sox Team

1960Topps #310 Frank Malzone
(this is the sharpest card in the bunch and the best player to boot)

1960 Topps #71 Maty Keough

1955 Topp #140 Mel Parnell
(A little faded but better looking than the scan)

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