Friday, January 9, 2009


Finally a spark in the cold furnace that is the 08-09 Hot Stove. The Red Sox didn't need Boras' New York loving client and we took a pass. The media doesn't seem to realize that we already have a better first baseman in Kevin Youkilis, who puts up the same kind of offensive numbers is a record setting gold glover and is even younger than moneybags $$MT$$. Instead Red Sox Nation just got two new members, one has a bright future and one is a lock for the Hall of Fame. The only downside is that both have some medical issues to worry about. If you want my take on them, you must cause you are still reading, here goes.

Rocco is a 5 tool player but here is just some uncertainty to his medical condition. Being a 4th outfielder however hopefully will keep him rested enough to contribute. The real concern here isn't his health but the health of the glass limbed JD Drew, not to mention his often ailing back. If Drew loses much playing time I can see a move for another outfielder during the season.

As happy as I am to see Rocco join the team I am even more ecstatic to see Smoltz. There is nothing but upside to this signing, assuming he comes back from arm woes.You can never have to many arms in baseball and Smoltz has shown over the last um-teen years that he has one of the best arms in baseball; not just of his time but the Hall of Fame will tell us one of the best all time arms. It will be strange to see him in anything but an Atlanta jersey and it will also be strange to see him as a number 4 or even possibly number 5 pitcher. With a rotation already consisting of Lester Beckett Dice-K and Penny he has to move down to 4th or 5th. (notice I listed Lester first. That is right, he is the ace now, sorry Josh) This is just the projected rotation if Smoltz is a starter because I think he will probably be coming out of the pen. If he doesn't pitch out of the pen that means we have to put Penny or Wake in there but that wouldn't make much sense.

Now Boston only has two holes in the lineup, catcher and utility infielder. I'm sure Theo has a plan. Personally I think once Varitek's price plummets like the stock market we will sign him to an incentive laded contract.

Sadly I have no cards to post of either new player. (Please don't send me any of them in another uniform, 09 cards will be here shortly) because all mine ended up going to a Junkie on a Fielder's Choice. I know bad pun.

Only 36 more days till pitchers and catchers report, I can't wait.

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Dave - Fielder's Choice said...

The Red Sox are getting a great guy in Rocco Baldelli, but no one knows how much he'll be able to contribute. I'll be rooting for him.