Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Oddball PC Pickups

Along with the Venezuelan Virdons I posted already I have acquired a few other oddball Virdon cards in the last couple months.  I figured I would stick them all in one post.

First up is a 1963 Pirates IDL #26 Bill Virdon.  From what I can gather it was a regional set.  I have seen these go in the $20 range and I have seen them go in the $5 range.  This one was of the $5 variety.

Next is an autographed postcard.  It was listed as a 61 but there is no markings whatsoever that say what the year may be.  Does anyone know if the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards have old baseball postcards in it?

Another oddball.  I'm guessing it is a 55-54 Cardinals postcard because I can't find a reference for anything else that has him in a Cardinals uniform.

This is the Canadian version of 62 Post.  Now I just need to pick up the Jello version.  That is if I can ever figure out how to tell the difference between Post and Jello.  I read that is has to do with a red line.  But any that I have ever seen listed on ebay as Jello had no red lines.

This is the oddest of all the Virdons I picked up.  Heck it may be my oddest pickup of all.  It is a 1972-83 Dimanche/Derniere Heure #111 Bill Virdon MG.  It is extremely over sized, larger even than 8x10, and has holes in it so that it can be placed in a 3 ring binder.  It was listed with a 20 BIN or Best Offer by the same guy that had the Post Canadian.  I got them both together shipped for less than that.

As always I'll trade or buy your Virdon cards.  I have a Bill Virdon Wantlist here.

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RedSoxCollector said...

The Jello cards are slightly smaller in size and the red line between the stats goes all the way to the right edge on the Post but not the Jello card. Jello and Post put cards on the less popular flavors/brands to help them sell. I remember my kids' favorite flavor of Jello was "red."

And thanks for the package recd yesterday, had some nice hits to my Sox collection.