Thursday, December 30, 2010

Long Lost Cards from Dusitn Hoffman

I uncovered this long forgotten partial post.  It seems I scanned the cards, labeled it as from Dustin but never wrote anything or published.  I did this all the way back on Oct 4.  Sadly it was so long ago I don't remember anything about the transaction.  I'm not even sure what blog Dustin runs, if he runs one, or what I sent him.  Hopefully I sent him something and it isn't something that fell through the cracks like this post did. 

I have uncovered about 4 piles of cards that I have packaged in envelopes with no name on them so I'm not sure who I was supposed to send them to.  Two are stacks of random stuff like I pulled it for a want list.  One is a stack of Braves and one is a stack of Saints cards from the 80-90s.  If anyone reads this and thinks that one of those stacks may be yours please let me know. 

Anyway on to the cards I received for undisclosed other cards that I may or may not have sent to Dustin Hoffman.  Who I remember when e-mailing back and forth asking there be no Rainman or Tootsie comments.

I whole bunch of 1986 TCMA cards.  I remember scanning these with one backwards so that everyone could see the design on the back.  I probably had some kind of smart alec remark when I did this months ago but it has since lost me.  Some great HOF Red Sox in this stack.  The Yaz is my favorite because he is the only one I ever saw play. 

Some Fleer Stickers.  Since this package I have finished the 87 Fleer team set but Dustin did most of the work. 

Some more TCMA cards.  This time they are of the 1987 variety.  Gotta love the back of these.  Baseball's Greatest Team.  I need not say anymore.

A whole slew of Topps Total.  After I received this package I had enough cards from the team set to put them in pages.  I dont' think I have added any more since and it remains the only year Topps Total that I am remotely close to finishing. 

In all a bunch of great cards here.  I'm really sorry this post got lost for so long.  Hopefully Dustin received his cards from me and he liked what I sent. 


Anonymous said...

If it's a last name, you could be looking at GSNHOF's blog.

SpastikMooss said...

Nope, not me. I think I've seen a first name Dustin who trades around here before though. Like you, not sure if he has a blog.

Dustin said...

Thanks for the post. I randomly spotted it today. Don't worry, you sent cards and they were enjoyed. And I don't have a blog, though I'm working on it. It was good trading with you.