Monday, March 8, 2010

Sweet Set Completion via Play at the Plate

This was the last T206 regular sized card I needed for my team set. It came courtesy of Play at the Plate. I actually thought I needed Smoltz also because I never marked him off my checklist but when I put Ruth in the binder I realized that I already had John.

This isn’t the only card I got by far. I actually got a whole bunch of cards, way more than I am going to post. I got stuff like these 2008 Documentary. I have a mini obsession for these cards. A set that had 162 different Red Sox cards excites me. Ok, I know they are only sort of different but I like them anyway. I have about 40% of these now and I didn’t buy a single pack of the stuff. Isn’t blog trading great?


This Pedro is Fleer’s version of a silk card. It is really cool, especially since I don’t have anything like it yet.

I actually got a whole bunch of Pedro inserts in this mailer. That’s cool too because Pedro is one of my favorite Red Sox of all time.

I also received a Goodwin Black Bordered card of Josh Beckett. I think this is my 3rd Black Bordered Goodwin. Anymore and I will have to put them in a binder.

Thank you for all the great cards.

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