Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Paper Chase

I have a standing agreement with Cobb & Halladay that I will give him all of my Jays cards.  But it just so happened that I mailed out a package of Jays to C&H when I received a Red Sox for Jays trade offer from The Paper Chase.  I decided that I wouldn't be breaking my agreement by making the trade because every single things I sent to the Paper Chase was a double of a card I sent to C&H.  Good thing for ratinalization because look at the good stuffI got.

2008 Xponential2 David Ortiz:  This set sucked but the inserts are awesome.  They rmind mo of something I would have got back before I quit collecting in 97.
Dam Rickey look old on this card.  Oh wait, by the time he made it to Boston he was old.

I hate that the cooler a card is the worse my scanner does.   This thing is really freaking cool looking.  It kind of looks like an atomis refractor.

I really like Goudey mini cards and they don't come in the mail every day.  (but they did come 2 days in a row this time; see yesterdays post) 

Not quite sure how, but this card has me down to only needing 5 more Goodwin minis.  That seems odd to me because since they came in one at a time it just doesn't seem like I should have as many as I do. 

Thanks for hooking me up with all the cards Roy

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Roy said...

Well I'm glad you like them. The UD Black Diamond and their inserts were awesom back in the early '00s.