Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cards from Chris

Another awesome mailday.  I love coming home to boxes in the mail.  The latest came from reader Chris.  If you  want to work out a trade go check out his want list.

199 UD3 Mo Vaughn:  They have made lots of cards that were supposed to be 3D but this is honestly the best one I have ever seen. Heck it is so well done that it even looks 3D in a scan.

2007 Bowman Heritage Mike Lowell:  This was the verybest year of Bowman Heritage.  The drawings are just plain awesome.  The only other drawn cards ever made that can even compete with the artwork in these things is Msterpiece.

2007 Bowman Heritage David Ortiz:  See what I mean, awesome artwork.  These two cards gave me enough to put them in a binder.  I still need a few but I have about half of them now.

2007 SP Authentic Manny Ramirez:  Team Set completion.  Once again a trade knocks off a team set for me. 

Thanks for the cards Chris.  What an awesome mailday.