Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cards from that Sewing Machine Guy

I recently sent out a package of cards to The Sewing Maching Guy.  I sent hm a bunch of 2010 Topps and I screwed up and sent him some stuff wrong.  Along with his 2010 Topps he got some Brewers that were actually supposed to go to another blogger.  But it was okay because I had a bunch more Brewer cards so I made up another package and off they went.  Hopefully Sewing machine Guy can get some Tiger cards for that box of Brewers.  The stuff that I got back was really impressive considering I screwed up his package.  Check out some of what I got.

1970 Topps Carl Yastrzemski: I'll never turn down a vintage Yaz. I already had this card but the one he senwas in better shape than the one I already had.

1978 Cecil Cooper:  Another card for the 80s Red Sox binder.  My favorite thing to do on mailday is pull out the vintage binder.  No other mailday even compares.
2009 Goudey Ted Williams SP:  The short prints from the 09 set have been few and far between.  I did real good in 08 and an down to a single card (303 Wade Boggs)  but I think this is actually the first 09 Goudey I have ever got in a trade.  It is The Splended Splinter too so that makes it even better.
2009  Goudey Minis:  Some more cards that have been hard to come by.  I still need a ton of Goudey Minis from both 08 and 09.  I really wish that they would have just made them all mini like in 07 because I like the little ones much better than the big ones. 

Thanks man I promise I will get your mailday right next time.

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