Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Roll in the Red Sox

I got a surprise package from Ed the owner/operator of Roll Out The Barrel. It was filled with stuff from my want list.

08 Upper Deck Heroes Purple – Clay Buchholz 14/25: I have some black, charcoal, red, brown and green Heroes but this is my first purple one. I’m not a big fan of purple but I do like rainbows on my cards.

08 Upper Deck Heroes Black – Fisk & Yastrzemski: Ed sent a whole bunch of black parallel Hero cards. I now only need one more. I am still missing a Dice-K.
 Upper Deck Heroes of Baseball Relic – Wade Boggs Believe it or not this is my first Red Sox bat card. It is actually only my 3rd bat card of any kind. In 04 I pulled a Pujols and a Piazza bat card out of Bowman Heritage. The Pujols went to ebay long ago and the Piazza went to The Easy Life. (If not Easy Life it went to some blogging Mets collector)


2010 Cards Your Mom Threw Out - Carl Yastrzemski:  I actually already had this card.  I have both the regular back and original back.  But I needed a third.  I need one to stick in my 1960 team set binder because Yaz actually lives in a top loader instead of the binder.  Sometimes doubles are good.

2009 Upper Deck Goodwin  & Goodwin Mini: I love mini cards. I actually had the black bordered Yaz already but still needed the regular mini. It s always nice to get a regular card and it’s parallel in the same package.

Thanks Ed

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