Saturday, April 4, 2009

Trade with The Pettitte Pursuit

I recently dropped a surprise package on The Pettitte Pursuit. Luckly enough I sent him his first Pettite of 09. It turned out to be a really good thing I sent them because what I got in return was awesome.

One more 08 Red Sox A&G Mini to take off of the checklist. Hopefully I knock these out before the 09s get here.

A Red Back Mini Bucholtz. This is my 3rd 08 Goudey mini card. It makes me want to start collecting them, but I will be strong.

Be strong, who am I kidding; does anyone have some 08 Red Sox Goudey Minis to trade? Doesn't matter to me what color the backs are though. Card back papallels do not exist here at Thoughts and Sox.

A gold 08 Topps. This is actually the first gold card I received like this all the other gold cards I have are not gold bordered just gold foil.

Three 1/1 cards if I was a Bull $hit ebay seller.
These are actually 1/29, 29/29, and 150/150

2009 Yaz insert I didn'thave.

A Red Sox Auto of a guy most people never hear of. But here at Thoughts and Sox not only have we heard of him I was overjoyed to receive this auto. Jonathon got his cup of tea last year and I get his auto this year. Works for me.
Thanks for the cards Slette.

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