Thursday, April 2, 2009

1960 Topps Dodgers for trade

Because Night Owl was the first to respond yesterday I'm listing all of the 1960 Topps Dodgers I have for trade first. He has promised me a 57 Topps Red Sox so he gets first pick. The rest are "on the block" for Vintage Red Sox to whoever wants them. My want lists are here and here. (I would consider trades for current auto cards also but don't figure I will get any of them offered)

Here is the lineup.

1960 Topps Dodgers
5 Wally Moon pending
88 John Roseboro pending
105 Larry Sherry
128 Bill Harris Aardvark
155 Charlie Neal
191 Johnny Klippstein Night Owl
202 Fred Kipp
212 Walt Alston MGR pending
234 Don Demeter Aardvark
278 Stan Williams Aardvark
354 Bob Lillis pending
388 1959 WS Game 4 pending
391 1959 WS Champs GRCL
394 Norm Larker
408 Carl Furillo
425 Johnny Podres pending
442 Joe Pignatano Night Owl
Editors note: All Dodger cards have been claimed.

The next team I'm posting up is the Cubs.


gcrl said...

i know i need some of those. i'll check my red sox stash when i get home and let you know what i have.

night owl said...

Well, out of those it looks like the Furrillo and Champs Celebrate are the closest to the Vernon, but I have both those 2 cards already.

I guess after that, the Pignatano? I'l trying to find the card in the worst shape of the bunch. Whatever that one is, it matches the Vernon the closest.

Too bad I don't have more old Sox (oldest I have after Vernon are two '69s), cause I need a bunch of those.

AdamE said...

Night Owl, none are in perfect shape so just pick one you need.

MattR said...

I can use the Alston and the Lillis cards. I checked my duplicates from 1973 and before, and here are the cards I have that are on your wantlist:
1961 454, 268, 236, 193, 128, 33. 1967 75. 1973 566.
Perhaps we can work out some sort of trade?

night owl said...

I'll take the Pignatano. And if you're willing, I'll trade you the '69 Ray Culp card for the Klippstein. Culp's in excellent shape.

AdamE said...

MattR: Since you are a set builder look at my newest post with all of the 1960 Topps I have on it and then make me a list of all of he ones you want. Then we will work something out.

gcrl said...

i have 1962 topps 276 Hal Kolstad for 1960 topps 'champs celebrate' card.

gcrl said...

how about 1968 topps 10 (lonborg ll) for charlie neal?