Monday, April 6, 2009

1960 Topps Phillies for Trade

Since nobody has requested me posting any certain team I just grabbed one at ramdon and here it is. These are the 1960 Topps Phillies that I have for trade. I will trade them for any vintage Red Sox. If there are to trade offers I will take money offers. FYI: All of the Cardinal and Dodger cards are now spoken for.

1960 Topps Phillies
13 Wally Post
17 Johnny Callison
52 Dave Philley
64 Jack Meyer
103 Dick Farrell
130 Frank Herrera
167 Valmy Thomas
194 Bobby Gene Smith
211 Taylor Phillips
293 Gene Conley
302 Team Card
319 Joe Koppe
347 Ed Bouchee
384 Don Cardwell
438 Jim Coker
451 Curt Simmons
466 Phillies Coaches
486 Bobby Del Greco

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