Friday, April 3, 2009

1960 Topps Cubs for trade

Here is the list of 1960 Topps Cubs that I have for trade. Steve has dibs on cards first since he was the one that asked for Cubs to be posted in the first place. I was going to post Indians next but Cheap Seats aleady nabbed every one of them so I'm open for sugestions on what team to post next, anybody...

1960 Topps Cubs
27 Dick Drott
39 Earl Averill
74 Walt Moryn
95 Frank Thomas
125 Dick Ellsworth
162 Sammy Taylor
217 Charey Grimm
233 Don Elston
248 Del Rice
259 George Altman
277 Harry Bright
337 Cal Neeman
357 Al Schroll
412 Bob Anderson
444 Jerry Kindall
457 Cubs Coaches
476 Lou Johnson
489 Steve Ridzik
504 Seth Morehead

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