Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Free 1960 Topps Cards

These are the real thing too, not some new set set put out by Topps with current players. Real Forty-Eight year old cardboard.

Free you say??

I say, "Yeah, what day is it"?

Seriously, someone out there knows the real purpose of this post. Everybody else just enjoy some original 1960 Topps cards.

I have about half of this set for sell /trade. If anyone is interested in some real 1960 cards please let me know. I figure I will post what I have team by team in hopes someone offers me some Vintage Red Sox or the money to get some more Red Sox. Are there any teams out there someone wants to see me start out with?

Here is the list of the Cardinal cards by part number.
1960 Topps Cardinals
16 Ernie Broglio
40 Joe Cunningham
73 Bob Gibson
120 Duke Carmel
124 Jim Donohue
149 Bob Nieman
168 Alex Grammas
197 Ron Kline
236 Dick Ricketts
263 Darrell Johnson
291 Bob Keegan
307 Gene Oliver
355 Bill White
383 Leon Wagner
401 Bob Duliba
446 Ellis Burton
419 George Crowe
468 Coaches
485 Ken Boyer

All Cardinal cards have noe been claimed.


night owl said...

If I had any vintage Red Sox for you, I'd ask what you had for Dodgers. But, sadly, I've got a beaten, mangled, folded to bits '57 Mickey Vernon and that's it.

AdamE said...

It just so happens I have a beaten and bent Dodger I would trade you for the Vernon. I'll e-mail you more later.

Steve said...

I have a few Red Sox from 1966 thru 1971 if you are in "need" . . . this Cubs fan is always interested in trading.

MattR said...

I've been collecting 1960 off and on since my 8th grade year (1980). I have several 1961 cards--don't know how many of them are Red Sox--that I can trade. I also have several other years (mostly late 70s and early 80s). I'll look when I get home. My want list is on my 1976 blog (

MattR said...

I don't have the Cardinals coaches card. Please let me know what you'd like for it.

AdamE said...

Night Owl responded first so I'm posting all my Dodgers up next followed by Cubs.

MattR: The reason I posted this in the first place is someone already had dibs on the Cardinals. If they don't want the coaches card you get first shot at a trade.

MattR said...

gotcha -- thanks

Dan said...

I've got a few cards for you, in trade for Indians:

1954 Topps #66 Ted Lepcio
1961 Topps #419 Tom Borland
1961 Topps #476 Jacki Jensen MVP
1963 Topps #343 Johnny Pesky MGR
1968 Topps #2 AL Batting Leaders (Yaz)
1969 Topps #21, 52, 89, 109 & 189

I may have more, too. I just bought some older cards and have not catalogued them yet. I'll let you know.

AdamE said...

Dan: I'm posting Cubs tomorrow morning then i will be posting Indians. I have less Indians than any others because a bunch already went to Tribecards.