Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wrong Sox From Tribe Cards

When Tribe Cards announced his last great give-away I signed up for the Sox.   (this package came a long time ago and you can thank my prognastication for not posting it untill now)  When I  saw the extra fat mailer from Arkansas I was excited to open a big package of Wonderful Red Sox.  But when I opened it what I found was....White Sox. Now how am I supposed to write a post about bunch of White Sox?  After a little sorting I figured out what was scanable so here goes.
Carlton Fisk.  He is/was a Red Sox.  I can scan in and write about his card without much guilt.

Jerry Reuss - Yea, I can post him too without guilt.  Why? Because he reads blogs, just ask Night Owl.

More of the ex Red Sox.  I'm pretty sure that Carlton spent more years in Chicago but in my mnd he is still a Red Sox.  Kinda like say.... Michael Jordan.  Jordan played last for the Wizards but everyone knows he is, was, and always will be a Bull.   (even if he owns the Bobcats he is still a Bull)  Speaking of Jordan there was a Jordan card in here too but I can't stan the guy so I'm not scanning him.  My blog my rules.

More Fisks?  Seriously, what else do you expect me to post. 

Ah hell.  No more comments just ex Red Sox...

Did you really think that they were all going to be Carltons?

WHOOO-HOOO a Red Sox.  Actually there were quite a few Red Sox in the package.  And
the White Sox cards???  Why they are all going to end up in my sons collection.

Stickig to the Fisk theme here is a dual relic card.  This is my very first seat card and Fisk jersey cad all in one.

To me this was the gem of the package.  There is nothing better than vintage Red Sox cards.

Thanks for another great give away David.

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Cardsplitter said...

Speaking of vintage Red Sox, I have a stack of '70s Sox for you.