Monday, April 19, 2010

Blog Bat Around Spending 50K

Deadline extensions are great for a procrastinator like me. I actually started researching this post Saturday but got sidetracked by actually buying stuff. So it is a total do-over.

First of all if I had 50K to spend on Ebay I would wait until the right card came along. The right card is an M-101 Babe Ruth. You know the card where he is in a Red Sox uniform. It would make for a short post though because it would take the whole 50K. Since this exercise is supposed to be right now I have to write a lot longer post and you didn’t really want me to mail it in that easily did you? (But then again at least I would be posting something; yea it has been that long since I last posted)

Not a lot of commentary because there are a whole lot of cards here.  But a ton of cool pictures of cards to drool over.

So basically my first search is 54 Bowman Ted Williams.  Money spent $1,549.

Next I did a Ted Williams Playball search and came up with the following.

1939 Playball Ted Williams                            $5,995

1940 Playball Ted Williams                            $2,567

1941 Playball Ted Williams                            $4,736

After I knocked out all the Ted Wiliams cards I thought I would be getting I switched to doing a search for Red Sox only Pre-War and only over $250. Then I sorted by highest price first.

1916 M101-5 Forrest Caddy                        $5,500

1909 T204 Eddie Cocolte                             $1,950

1941 PlayBall Jimmie Foxx                            $1,350

1914 Cracker Jack Joe Wood                       $1,750

1934 Goudey Lefty Grove                             $1,045

1948 Leaf Ted Williams                                 $995

1911 Turkey Red Tris Speaker                      $900

1909 Coglans Chip Tris Speaker                   $753 Odd Buy It Now Price

1914 Cracker Jack Tris Speaker                   $750

1911 Turkey Red Harry Niles                       $700

1909 Coglans Chip Harry Hooper                 $604

1941 Double Play Ted Williams                     $500

1920 T210 Old Mill Harvey Bussey               $475

1914 Cracker Jack Harry Hooper                 $455

1911 Turkey Red Ed Walsh                          $450

1923-24 Exhibit O’Neil                                 $400

Insperation for those pain in the ass Goudey SP cards.

1938 Goudey Bobby Doerr                           $355

1921 E220 National Carmel Everett Scott     $350

Not sure what is going on in this card but it is a 120 years old so I gotta have it.

1887 Buchner Gold Coin Medoc Wise          $330

T202s are some of my favorite cards even though I don't actually own a single one. They have to be a bitch to store though.
1912 T202 Hassan Stahl/Cicotte                   $250

1917 H801 Boston Store H.B. Leonard        $250

N29 Allen& Ginter John Morrell            $200 I don’t know why this one squeaked by the $250 preference but I am glad it did because I always wanted an original A&G card.

Now I jumped to a search of “Boxing Card”. Only Pre-War sorted by highest price first.

1910 UNC Candy Jim Jeffries                       $5000

I have no idea that these are and I would probably be getting a raping dropping a grand on them but they are really cool. Good thing Gellman gave me lots of virtual money
1909 Jim Jefferies Playing Card Complete Set $995

1937 Doughnut Company Jim Jefferies           $436

Panicking now because I know I am running out of time. I get desperate and search for Ted Williams auto because I know I can knock a ton of money out with only a few cards.

2003 Sweet Spot Classic Ted Williams Auto  $3,500

2006 SP Legendary Cut Ted Williams Auto    $1,750

2009 SP Legendary Cuts Williams/Sisler Auto $1,300

2003 Sweet Spot Ted Williams Auto               $1,550

This is actually my favorite of all the auto cards.  Ted Williams auto on a Ted Williams card produced by the Ted Williams company.

1993 Ted Williams Card Co Ted Williams Auto $800

Total price comes up to $48,080 for 34 cards. Honestly if it wasn’t for the time limit I wouldn’t have picked a quarter of those cards. I would have nickel and dimed thousands of pre-war cards with my 50K. I also wouldn’t have ended up with a single auto.  I also have to admit that I probably couldn't have actually bought all those in 15 minutes.  I counted opening the window as bought.  I didn't even really look at some of them either.  I really REALLY wouldn't have bought that Williams/Sisler auto if I had really looked at it.  I hate those Frankencut autos.


Baseballislife1984 said...

50 K well spent!!

Gordon said...

Good selection! Personally I would forget the boxing stuff and find a way to squeeze in a 1954 Wilson Franks Ted Williams, and a 1959 Fleer #68 Williams.

Anonymous said...

Very impressive would-be additions to your collection!

I had to laugh at your opening about getting side-tracked and actually buying stuff instead of just looking. That is the exact reason I kept my research minimal and my plan full of estimates. When I get excited about something, I tend to spend too much...