Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sweet Contest Winnings and a WTF from Troll Blog

I was the winner of the Collective Troll's first contest.  There were no Red Sox available so I chose the best looking card in the bunch.  It is a really nice Brooks Robinson Sweet Spot bat card.  It is crazy fat/phat.  Yes both varities of fat/phat.  As nice as it looks in a scan it looks better in person.  It doens't quite fit in my Red Sox collection but it is really nice never the less. 

Brooks wasn't the only card he sent though.  A package from the Troll isn't complete without a couple surprizes.  And, boy were there some surprizes!!

To me this Shakey's Pizza Ted Williams was the best card in the bunch.  Even better than the Brooks bat card.  I'm not sure what year it is from; early 70s would be my guess.  I love oddball cards and you can't ge better thanTed Williams.

Marck also sent me a couple 2010 Heritage Red Sox I needed.  This years set has fewer SP Red Sox so maybe I can actually finish the team set this year.

Everything is cool so far. Now here comes the WTF. 

Now I've always liked 75 Topps, in fact it is my favorite set.  But seriously...

A Yankee Team card???   As soon as I saw it I thought WTF??  What kind of joke is this?  Yeah I bipped him a few months back but this is worse than a bipping. 

But Wait A Minute...

Took me a minute to notice but I finnaly figured out wat this madness was all about.

This isn't a Yankee team card, it is a Bill Virdon Mgr card.   (that is what I am telling myself, it is not a Yankee card)  I was missing this for my Bill Virdon player collection

Thank you Marck.
I will get that package I promised you in the mail eventually...


Gordon said...

I believe the Ted card is a 1975. Shakey's also made Ted cards in 1976 and 1977.

Collective Troll said...

Gordon is probably right... Someone told me it was '76. Its the only one I had seen... Yeah, I laughed when I packed that Virdon card. I knew ya needed it. Is that the only "Yankees" card in yer binder? I stopped collecting Danny Tartabull when he signed with the Yankees, but now I am back tracking and picking them up cuz I am super collecting. It really sucks to buy Yankees cards. I wouldn't be offended at all if you traded that Brooks card for a similar Yaz. It is a REALLY nice card.

Peterson said...

SHAKEY's Williams FTW!

AdamE said...

Right now it is my only Yankee card. Not just my only Yankee Virdon, but my only Yankee card period. (the rest got traded off, I didn't shred them or anything)

I will have another Yankee card soon though because I just picked a ceritfied Virdon Auto out of the 2003 Yankee Signature Series on ebay.

He actually doesn't have many Yankee cards. That '75, a '75 mini, '75 SSPC, 2003 Signature series base, and a 2003 Signature Series Tri-Auto that I will never own. It is an auto of Virdon/Torre/Piniella and goes for a bunch of cash. More than I would ever give for it.

As nice as the Brooks is if someone offers up some kind of a Sweet Spot Red Sox the Brooks is probably going to be making another trip to the Post Office.

Gordon said...

Troll, I am saying 1975 because it is #10, according to my Red Sox master list the Shakeys 1976 Ted card is #103 and the 1977 is #23. Anyway its a nice find, I don't have any of the 3.