Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Blaster Fantasy Team

This is my first blaster of 2010 and the first 2010 Heritage I have opened.  By the way, every single card from this break is available for trade.   Here is my rip.
Lastings has to be pissed about the picture Topps used for his card.

Omir Santos
Aubrey Huff
Brad Bergesen
Lastings Milledge
Fausto Carmona
Chris Carpenter
Ryan Howard NL MVP SP

I bought this blaster to play a game but not a dice one.

Pack 2
Clayton Kershaw
Adam Everett
Billy Butler
Bobby Cox MGR
Matt Holliday
Vladimir Guerreo DICE GAME
Dutsy Baker MGR
Josh Thole
Leyland looks about 100 years old on this card.  If he really was 100 he probably wouldn't make it through the season, that is why I picked him to loose the least amount of games. 

Pack 3

Jose Guillen
Justin Upton
Gary Sheffield
23 Amendment is Ratified
justin Morneau
Felix Hernandez
Fernando Martinez
Jim Leyland

What a crappy name to have (almost as bad as Lastings).  But that is one kick ass Topps Rookie Trophy.

Pack 4

John maine
BJ Upton
Micah Owings
Brandon Phillips
Carlos Gonzalez
Delmon Young
Tori Hunter
Elvis Andrus

I pull the priemer fantasy pitcher and it is an SP.  Normally I would be happy but in this case....

Pack 5

Ricky Nolasco
Michael Saunders
Trevor Cahill
Yadier Molina
A's Team
Ozzie's Aces
Jhoulys Chacin
Tim Lincecun AS SP

I chose this card to represent the pack becasue of the sunglasses.  I wonder if anybody wore sunglasses in the original 61 set.

Pack 6

Adam wainwright
JA Happ
Brad Hawpe
Ronny Cedeno
Alex Gordon
Core Four Pettite/Posadsa/Jeter/Rivera
Akinori Iwamura


I thought about using Grienke here on my team using the half rule.  Say he has an ERA of 2.20.  Half of that would be 1.1 and work pretty good for my team.  But not nearly as good as half of the 0 ERA that Whitey puts up.  But I figured that dayf would throw that out so I am not using them. 
Pack 7

Cole hamels
Melvin Mora
Pirates Team
T&N Ford Grienke
Jimmy Rollins
Vladimir Guerrero
jason bay
Zach Duke

This was a horrible blaser.  I only got one Red Sox card.  Not only did I only get one Red Sox but it was a double.  The guy at the ballcard store already gave this one to me last week. 
What was Topps thinking Boston Speed Party.  Pedroia isn't exactly a league leader in steals.  Hey did anyone know that Jacoby isn't the fastest guy on the Red Sox team?  The fastest guy is a pitcher, no joke.  From what I have read Clay Buchholz is crazy fast and beats jacoby in a foot race. 

Pack 8

Felipe Lopez
Derek Holland
Jose Lopez
Adam Lind
Boston Speed Party Pedroi/Ellusbury
marke buehrle
Derek Lowe

So there is my break.  Right after I busted it I thought "Crap I didn't get a catcher."  When in fact I got 3 of them.  Problem is none of them jumped out at me.  In reality though 3rd is where I am screwed.  Anyway I'll start with the core players on "My Team".
Core Players

Catcher: Yadier Milona - Again not the best of caatchers as far as fantasy goes.
Catcher 2: Omir Santos - UUUGGGG
First: Justin Morneau - Not as good as Pujoles, Texeria, or Cabrerra but a solid firstbaseman.
Second: Brandon Phillips - A highly ranked middle infielder is always nice to get on your fantasy team.
Shortstop: Jimmy Rollins - I picked him on 2 of my "real" fantasy teams, so I am happy with this.
Third: Melvin Mora - This is where I got screwed.  Of the thirdbaseman I pulled Mora is the only on in the majors.
Outfield: Matt Holiday - Matt is goingto have an awesome season batting back to back with Pujoles.
Outfield: Ichiro - Or Cheeto as hs is known by the Giants.  (you would know if you watched Baseball Tonight tonight)
Outfield: Justin Upton - My favorite of the Uptons.  Why?  He gave my son a ball while at a game.  He didn't just throw it to him either.  He picked him out of the crowd told everyone else to get back and gave it to him.  Then ruffled my boys hair and went to finish pregame.

The Pitchers

No closers to speak of in my box so I'm sticking to starters.

Chris Carpenter - Cy Young contender every year if he can stay healthy
Mark Buehrle - Southsiders Opening Day Pitcher.
JA Happ - His name makes me smile. Reminds me of happy.
Adam Wainwright - even bigger ballpark this year so he should be even better than last year.
Felix Hernandez - The King...
Clayton Kershaw - Please oh please no sophmore slump.
Cole Hamels - I need 2008 Cole not 2009 Cole.  We'll find out whoch one shows up to the ballbark real soon. 

I think the pitching staff looks alright that is why I went with the Howard SP instead of the Lincecum.  Well that and Tim has he arm mechanics of a Yugo and it is only a matter of time...

The Extras

Corner Infielder:  Billy Butler - Hopefully he has as good a year thi year as last.
Middle Infielder:  He ain't nothing but a hound dog but he is all I had to pick.
Outfielder: Adam Lind - Was last year a fluke?  I hope not (except for when he plays Boston).
Utility; Ryan Howard - using my Insert/SP rule on Howard.  (sucks I had to choose between him and Lincecum)

Scanned the inserts just for the heck of it.  Max is a Refractor and Topps screwed me out of a good baseball card with that amendment card.

I'm pretty happy with this team.  I haven't looked to see what everyone elses team looks like but I feel like mine is solid.  We'll see just how solid  over the next few months.


Play at the Plate said...

Adam, aside from almost no Sox cards I'd say you had a good blaster. Two SPs, a Chrome Refractor and a Dice card is a very nice blaster.

AdamE said...

When I buy a box of cards it is only a good one if there are a bunch of Red Sox in it. So this was a bad box.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I'd say my lineup is slightly better but your pitching is stronger and the dice card is worth bonus points. I'd say your team's better than mine.

Cardsplitter said...

We are going to have 3 of the same players on our teams. I only got one Sox too, but it was a guy I didn't have, our brand new third baseman!

Anonymous said...