Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thanks to the Bearded One

I'm finally posting a recent trade on time. I got these cards less than a week ago. That is pretty good for me. Bad news is I have about 4 more trades that I need to post about and it may not happen any time soon.

Anyway all these cards came from Greg, better known as Beardy of Beardy's Baseball Blog. You know the Ginter Cuff guy.

First off is some Obak cards. They look great, in a scan not as well in person. I do like the backgrounds though. These are nice but just not as good as Ginter or Goodwin. Either way I got two HOFers and a rookie.

Next up is the centerpiece of the trade.

This is my only Oriz auto. And even though I can't quite make out his name in his autograph Topps says it is legit so I must believe. I'm not one to talk though because you can't read my signature either.

Thanks Beardy I have some more cards headed your way already.

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Collective Troll said...

Wow, that Ted Williams in a San Diego uniform is GREAT! I still haven't found that brand in person, good lookin cards!