Saturday, September 12, 2009

Goose Joak - "Who's That" Edition

This a a whole bunch of Red Sox players that you have probably never heard of. Most are one or two day call ups that actually made it on the field for some reason. I have tried to make a card of everybody that has played for the Red Sox this year in a Red Sox jersey. I must say it has been trying. There are a few that I just havn't found yet. So you are going to have to excuse some blury pictures ona few because that is just all I could find.

Chris is actually still on the roster and may make it in a mop up or extra inning game.
Same as above he however got DFAed and recalled.

Traber madeit in a game mop-up game. However we would have been better off putting Nick Green out there. He got DFAed the next day.

Hunter got called up to help the bullpen out and hindered it instead. He is still laboring in the minors waiting for his next chance to impress.

I don't even remember Fernando making it in a game but evidently he faced one batter.

Dusy is actually on the team still but he is the 4th catcher. I don't really understand why we need a 4th catcher but evidently Tito and Theo do.

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