Sunday, September 13, 2009

A trade with I am the Average Joe

I am so far behind on trade posts...

Long ago I got a package from the I Am The Average Joe. It was filled with Red Sox goodness.

He really assulted my want list. These were the last few cards I needed for this team set.

Same goes for 90 Donruss. I love it when I can complete a team set.

This was an odd card for me to not have but I really didn'e have it.

Not sure why this one was in my package maybe it was supposed to be for someone else. If anyone out there needs a Vasquez let me know.

Last but not least was this unexpected autographed card.

Sorry this post took so long to post it but thanks for the trade.

1 comment:

I Am The Average Joe said...

glad to help. yeah not to sure about the vasquez card. My bad. Got your cards as well. And if I ever get near a scanner I will def put a post up on them. Thank you