Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Giant Trade

The playoffs are not going very well, so I am rewinding to a month ago when the Red Sox could score more than one run in two games. That is right it is overdue trade post time.

Over a month ago I made a trade with A Giant Blog. I sent him some 1960 Topps Giants and he sent me some much needed 1961 Topps.

I like the 1961 Topps but I don't. I like the design, white border yellow highlighted red letters, and the colored team name background. (although I don't understand the color selection) I like all that stuff but the posed pictures,not so much. It is kind of letdown after what I consider the best Topps design of all time. Regardless of all that I have to have them all and there are getting close to 50 years old. I'm always happy to get 50 year old cards.

See these team name backgrounds make sense, red for Red Sox. The green above - no sense at all. This isn't all that I got in the trade, I also got a handful of newer stuff.

Thanks for the trade...


Collective Troll said...

I always thought that 1961 was Topps first really bad design. It will be the focus of 2010 Heritage, so I am trying to get used to it and let it grow on me...Do you have a wantlist for vintage cards that you need?

MattR said...

I'll find some vintage Red Sox stuff to send your way in exchange for the rest of those 1960s. My fall break is next week so I should have time then. :)

SpastikMooss said...

These playoffs are gonna make me cry. Red Sox are down 0-2, Yankees are up 2-0...what is wrong with the world?

Chuck's Used Cards said...

The oddity of the subset - MVP and All-Star cards do not resemble the regular 1961 design.

Those subset cards are actually prefered from this set.


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Chuck's Used Cards

AdamE said...

Four comments on one of my posts means nobody else must be posting today.

Troll - There is a link for my wantlist on the right side of my blog. Vintage are the first couple tabs.

MattR - I am saving all the rest of the Giants for you.

SpastikMooss - This has been a horrible playoff so far. Every team I want to win is loosing except the Dodgers.

Chuck - Thanks for the info. One of these days I am going to post some old football cards I need help identifying.

Gordon said...

Hey, Adam, the comeback begins today! Keep the faith! I want a Sox-Dodgers World Series!

Did the second box of cards arrive?