Monday, September 21, 2009

Need Help Identifying Cards

I stopped at Centerfield Sports in Springfield, MO and picked up a bunch of cards. The owner is a really nice guy and he had just bought a vintage collection the day before I got there. I walked away with over 100 new Red Sox between 1949 and 1973. I even accidentally ended up with a 1940 Playball that I thought was a Red Sox because the buy had a B on his hat but it turned out to be a Brave, if you consider the Bees Braves. He also had a box of oddball stuff. Out of it I picked a Fisk Kellogs card and a handful of 87 Tiffany plus these two cards. Problem is I don't know what they are. Luckily I know there are some real knowledgeable bloggers out there that will help me out.

First one is this Fisk. This is a really awesome card. It isn't a full sized card. It is slightly bigger than a Kellogs but not as big as a regular card. The design reminds me of a vintage football set but I can't remember which one it is. Whatever it is I really like it.
Here is the back. It says 1973 Visual Panographics at the bottom so maybe that is what the set is called. My guess is someone will identify it by morning.

Next oddball is a wierd Clemens. It says Playball on the back but I don't think that is what it really is. My guess is some kind of cut out card from an 80s price guide. Whatever this thing is it was a precursor to throwback cards and actually looks really good. I would even rate it better than Goudey. I think at some point Dayf had a write-up about one of these, or maybe even this card, long ago but I don't have enough ambition to scour his old posts looking for it even though I know I would come across some great posts I missed in the past.


Collective Troll said...

Who is the 1940 Playball and what do you want for it? I wish I could help on the Fisk, either way its a sweet card!

AdamE said...

It is # 57 John Hassett and I would like something almost as old for it,at least 50s. I have already dangled it in front of a certain Braves colleting blogger that i know has somw vintage stuff stashed away.

If you are just wanting some old cards I can give you the e-mailaddress for Centerfield. He had a T205, T206, 48 Leaf, and a couple pages of 50 Bowman.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

The "Pudge" Fisk card is from the 1973 Kellogg's baseball set.

It was the only year they produced 2-D cards instead of the more well known 3-D versions.

The "B" on the Braves 1940 Playball
comes from when the franchise was in Boston. so while its still a beantowner - its not a Red Sox.

AdamE said...

Thanks Chuck I never would have guessed it was a Kellogs card. But now that you mention it the back looks a whole lot like the 3D versions.