Thursday, March 7, 2013

So Close to the Goal

Yesterday the mailman brought me my newest Virdon card.  Yes it is an ugly ass frankencut but it is my 130th unique Virdon card. 

It is also my second one since I said I was going to acquire 3 this year.  So one more and I have attained my goal but it is safe to say if I find another I'm going to buy it, within reason.  I say within reason because one I need just got listed on eBay but it is out of my price range.  If someone wants to buy it for me I will trade them a Joe Frazier auto, a Barry Sanders Score RC, and whatever else makes it even.

2012 was a big year for Virdon cards.  Between Topps and TriStar there were 14 new Virdon's issued.  It is the most cards issued for him in a single year.  From the looks of it 2013 will be the total opposite.  I'm thinking there will be a good chance that no Virdons are issued at all this year.  He was shut out of Heritage since there are no Buyback cards this year (except Beatles and oddball things) and surely he won't be in Signa Cuts two years in a row.  I see it as both good and bad.  Bad because there is nothing new to chase but good because it is easier on the wallet.


Anonymous said...

It's interesting to see how the buyback stuff from Heritage impacts player collectors. I collect Jalen Rose, and I usually root for some new cards but not too many as well.

Peterson said...

I am actually pretty crazy about that cut card...One of the best slogans I would personally hope for, a funky, but totally serviceable image (I mean it's not his sideburn or stirrup...)also, you can see the edges (fuzzy=loved)
great to be reading with you again Adam.

AdamE said...

The card they used doesn't just have fuzzy edges it has a crease that runs down the right side. It looks like a smudge on the scan but it is a crease on the card. Makes you wonder why TriStar even uses the bulky holder at all.

Brad's Blog said...

Hey Adam, that card you linked to on ebay, I offered the seller some money , he counter offered and I thought it was fair so I bought it. Once I have it in hand I will work out a deal to trade it to you (want to scan it first seems like a sweet triple auto)