Sunday, March 31, 2013

Slow and Steady, Steady and Slow, That's The Way to Go.

I used to read a book to my kids at night.  It was a Disney Tortoise and the Hare with Donald as the Hare and Goofy as the Tortoise.  Goofy drove and old beater in their race and ended up winning with his motto Slow and Steady, Steady and Slow, That's the Way to Go.  This is how I have always approached my vintage team sets.  With enough money I could scour ebay and fine every last Topps Red Sox card no problem; instead I try to find them on a budget.  I have passed on many many cards because they just wouldn't fit the budget.

I got one card closer to my 58 team set.  It was the most expensive  one.  While it may not be the cleanest copy I won it for $5.51.  It is definitely in poor condition but it is still a Ted Williams from his playing days.  (the scanner cut it short like that, it is a whole card and actually has pretty good corners, considering)  

I would rather have a nice crisp copy but this one has it's advantages too.  I keep my team sets in binders and it is hard for me to put a really expensive card in a binder page sometimes.  But I have no qualms on putting this one in my binder rather than in a top loader. 


Stealing Home said...

no offense to your card, but that fade away effect makes it look like it's his frozen dropped head.

congrats on the discipline for maintaining the budget. heck, i would take that teddy ballgame card any day.

Nick said...

Nice pickup, Adam! I'd love to have a card like that in my collection, especially at that terrific price.

night owl said...

I admire the budget approach. I'll have to do the same when I get to the point of regularly searching for '50s Dodgers.

I'm not sure if I can bite on the obscured face card. But I'll definitely grab multiple creased or missing cardboard pieces.

AdamE said...

Greg - I started trying for 50s team sets cards before trying for 60s and 70s team sets. I have a ebay searches saved for Red Sox Poor and Red Sox Low Grade. I get an update every time one is listed. Last week I picked up a 53 Topps two 58 Topps and 49 Bowman all for less than $10 shipped. The 58s look kinda like the Williams but the 53 and 49 had good everything but corners.

Metallattorney said...

Very nice pickup.