Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another Mail Day

Wow, three posts in three days!  What has got into me?  It is probably that I got a bunch of really great stuff lately. My latest great package are different kind of cards, they are postcards.  Tracking down old postcards is tough but not as hard as identifying them.  There isn't really anyone that I can find out there that knows much about them.  The authority on St Louis postcards that I have found is this guy but he has nothing on my latest postcard find.

These are either Brace, Burke, or Rowe postcards but I don't know know how to find out which.  Evidently they were once sorta kind-of partners in printing postcards of obscure players or of players in obscure uniforms.  Although Virdon won the ROY in 55 with the Cardinals the only cardboard he made it on in a Cardinal uniform is 55 Bowman, a team issue postcard, and an ultra rare Hunter's Weiner card. (56 Topps has him as a Cardinal but it is an art card not a photo)

From what I have read on forums Brace and Burke had a ton of old photos and let Rowe use the images to make postcards.  I haven't really found out anything more about these than what is on that link and it sounds like I will probably never know for sure what they are and how many more there may be.

There is actually a 3rd Virdon Cardinals postcard that I know of.  Iit shows Virdon posing with a bat.  Someone sniped me form it on eBay months ago and I am still bitter about it.

Either way they are nice pickups and a great addition to the Virdon binder.  I know have 129 unique Virdon's, only 31 more to go!

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