Monday, March 25, 2013

I Need One More

One of the people that requested to be in the Card Bloggers Unite Fantasy League just hasn't accepted the invitation I send and I am running out of time.  So I need one more blogger that is willing to join.  Here is who already is participating:

Play At The Plate
Cards on Cards
Cardboard Junkie
Beardy (formally of Mojo Beard)
Plain Grey Swatch (The Paper Chase)

Please respond if you want to throw your hat in with this bunch.


The Junior Junkie said...

If it's free and you don't mind a noob, I'll do it.

I have oodles of experience in fantasy football, but have never done the baseball thing. Sounds fun.

AdamE said...

Your Invite is on the way.

Doc said...

Doh, beat me by 10 minutes.

Doc said...

I just realized I never got the original invite. It's me you were talking about wasn't it :(

Stupid spam filters!!!

The Junior Junkie said...

Sorry, Matt!

Doc said...

No worries Junior, have fun, FBB is a blast.

Adam, next year man, just let me know what service you used (yahoo, espn, etc) and I'll add'em to my spam whitelist. So sorry for holding your league up this year. Kicking myself for this one.

Unknown said...

Matt I have an espn league looking for a few owners you interested?

AdamE said...

Sorry Matt, I sent the invite like 6 times before I finally gave up. I have lost one or two every year so I'll try to remember you want in next year. (or if someone drops this year)