Monday, July 16, 2012

My Fourth Face To Face With A Card Blogger

Long ago I had my first face to face meeting with a card blogger.  I met up with David aka Rhubarb Runner at a card show.  I documented it here.
I met up with my second blogger earlier this year when I wasn't doing any blogging.  I met with Mark (and his wife) of Collector's Crack at a spring training game.  He gave me some great stuff including a complete team set of old Topps Stickers.
I March I met Shawn aka Corky of Pack War, who after recently I moved, lives only a few miles from me.  He knocked almost all the series 1 Topps cards off my list along with a few Wal Mart parallels and a kick ass 76 SSPC card. 

I feel kinda bad that I didn't document either of the packages I received from them I just didn't feel like blogging.  (sorry guys)  This time though I am getting my head out of my ass and documenting my latest meetup with a card blogger.  

Friday I met Daniel of It's Like Having My Own Card Shop.  Like me he lives in the Phoenix area like me but he lives on the west side and I live on the east so we are like an hour apart.  We have tried to meet up a time or two but things never fell into place.  We rectified that though and met at Friday's Front Row at Chase Field for lunch.  We had a nice lunch and conversation.  He also gave me a nice box of cards.  This was the highlight of it though.  An awesome addition to my Player Collection.

I knew that Daniel had this card for a long time.  He got it from Bill Virdon himself as a throw in when he sent in a TTM.  I saw the post from him but just figured it was some kind of photo.  It turns out though that it was on my Bill Virdon Want List all along.  What Daniel had was an Outback card of Bill Virdon.  Evidently PNC Park has an Outback (kinda like we ate at a Friday's in Chase Field) and this was a giveaway card there in 2002.

Here is the back.  It is kinda plan but I really like the Pirate logo.  I think they should use this more, it's better than the P they use.  I think they do use it in spring training.
asked where my Player Collection standed but I didn't have an answer for him cause I hadn't looked in a while.  So I'm doing it now.  This puts me at 75% of the way to all the Virdon stuff out there counting cards, team issues, and postcards.  If I'm just counting baseball cards though I'm 94% of the way to completion.  94% is close but still really far.

Of the ten more cards that I need, two of them are out of my price range for a single card:

2003 Upper Deck Yankees Signature Yankees Forever Autographs #PTV Piniella/ Torre/ Virdon
2008 Topps Heritage 1959 Buybacks #543 Corsair Trio/ Bob Skinner/ Bill Virdon/ Roberto Clemente

Five of them I nave never seen, and just may never see:

2009 Topps Heritage 1960 Buybacks #496 Bill Virdon  (three years and I still haven't seen)
2010 Topps Heritage Framed Buyback Stamps #72 Bill Virdon (the 2011 Buyback Stamp was a 1/1 but I don't know about the 2010)

1984 Expos Stuart #38 Coaching Staff/ Bill Virdon MG/ Felipe Alou CO  (don't know why I can't find this one)
1974 Syracuse Chiefs Team Issue #28 Bill Virdon (Minor League Card)
1959 Topps Venezuelan #190 Bill Virdon (no explination needed)

The other three I just need to pull the trigger on: 

1956 Topps #170A Bill Virdon (White Back)
1959 Topps #543 Corsair Trio/ Bob Skinner/ Bill Virdon/ Roberto Clemente
1975 O-Pee-Chee #611 Yankees: Team/ MG/ Bill Virdon

Thanks again for meeting me for lunch David and for all the great cards.  Maybe I'll see you again at a game.


dkwilson said...

Hey Adam,

It's funny that you called me David because I get called that all the time for some reason. I have a brother named David, maybe that's why, but I'm Daniel. No big deal. Glad I could help you out with your Virdon collection. 94% is awesome! Good luk with the last 10 cards. I'll keep my eyes open for them and hopefully we can meet up again sometime soon.

Play at the Plate said...

It's cool you got to meet and swap stories over lunch.

Michael Chase said...

That is pretty cool. I wonder if I will ever meet another card blogger in my time here. Only time will

Anonymous said...

And even though I'm David, I keep getting called by my brother's name, Alan.