Friday, July 13, 2012

How a Big Fat Guy Helped Me Out.

I don't consider myself a lucky person but every once in a while I do get lucky.

Marcus at All The Way to the Backstop had a Home Run Derby Contest and I won so he sent me a bunch of cards.  For the record I'm not calling Marcus fat.  Prince Fielder, the world's biggest vegetarian, won the Derby and I guessed it so I got cards.  Part of my winnings was some Joey Votto inserts but since this is really a team blog that is what I am showing you, just the Red Sox. 

Oh no, junk wax you say!!  If so, you would be wrong. See it is not too often I get a card from 91 that I need.  (unless it is one of those damn Canadian cards...)  Yes it is ugly as sin but this wasn't only a card I needed but the last of the Score Rising Star cards I needed.   In other words, not junk wax, Cardboard Gold.

I know some of the Red Sox prospects but not this guy.  He looks 12 but the back of the card says he is really 20.  This was another excellent card to get since it knocked off yet another team set for me.  At least I think so; all the BP, BCP, BCCPP, BBCCPPP, and whatever else, stuff really confuses me.  Right or wrong I have another set marked complete on the old wantlist.

Another prospect I heard of, and this one is supposed to be something special.  (that's all I got to say, it's like 4 in the morning...)

I think I have more colored parallel cards from this year than any other since Topps started the Wal-Mart vs Target vs ToysRUs/K-Mart thing.  This one I think is a Target version.  Or hell maybe Bowman just has purple versions of cards. Fact is I got a bunch of Topps Series one Wal-Mart and Target cards this year and it makes me want more.  

If you didn't already know, this is the guy that the Red Sox ruined this year.  See he used to be one of the most effective bullpen guys in baseball and someone in the FO figured that he would be a great starter.  Once they finally gave up on him as a starter they had him so screwed up he can't pitch out of the pen anymore either.  Papelbon said the other day that Bard was going to figure things out and be okay.  I hope is right cause Daniel sure was a bad ass in the 8th last year.

My first two cards from Series 2 are inserts.  I don't have a single base card yet but I now have all the Gold Standards.  That would seem funny but there was only one Gold Standard Red Sox.  

This would be my other Series 2 card.  Another Hall of Famer.  Anybody want some chicken?

Speaking of chicken... I think that they were too hard on old Beckett about the chicken in the clubhouse thing.  I don't think it had anything to do with the crappy performance of the team last year.  Think about it ballgames start at dinnertime.  If it was your off day don't you think you would get hungry during a game?  I know I would.  Here is to a better second half for Beckett.

My first 2012 A&G card is a mini.  I'm still chasing a bunch of 2011 minis.  I did real good getting the A&G minis other years but 2011s eluded me.  This is a good start for the 2012 mini team set.  I wonder if Nachos needs any of the Votto's I won and will part with some of the minis he is hoarding up there?  I would say something about bailey but the dude hasn't played yet this year. 

This was actually my favorite card in the package.  I guess technically it isn't even a card it is a sticker but it is still fantastic.  Floating head, mini 60s look, yes, yes, yes!!  Not only all that good stuff but Jacoby is back in the lineup today for the first time since his freak injury. 

Thanks for the cards Marcus.  There will definitely be some Padres headed to Texas soon.  (not super soon cause I have some plans this weekend but soon like end of next week soon)

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