Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Perfect Binder Page

This is the newest page in my Virdon Binder.  I know what your thinking, 4 card in one page, what the heck.  Well that is how I keep my Virdon cards.  Card plus, soft sleeve, plus top loader, plus team bag, all in a 4 card page.  Overkill I know...

Here is closer scan of Bill hanging out with Bill, Bill, and Bill.

 The 2012 Heritage Buyback is the first one I picked it up this year.  As a matter of fact two were listed on ebay right after Heritage was released and I accidentally won them both.  Only one makes the binder though. I'll mail the other to some unsuspecting blogger, unless I get the hankering to do a TTM; that might be pretty cool.

 When I saw the Heritage sell sheets I was happy to see Topps finally put out some Virdon cards.  I was concerned because they were autos though because of my budget but in the end it worked out.

I was pretty picky when getting my autos.  I watched lots of them go buy before I pulled the trigger.  The Red Auto is numbered to 63.  Eighteen of them have been on ebay.  They have sold everywhere between $83 and $17.  Guess which one I bought?

This card is a different animal though.  I was shocked when I saw it.  I still don't know exactly what it is.  I can see it is a Player Sample but I didn't/don't know the print run.  I figured it was a 1/1 especially when it was on ebay with a $100 BIN.   Eventually it was relisted as an auction though and I bought it for $26.  I have since heard that Topps gave 1000 sample cards to every player that signed for Archives, whether they did the same with Heritage though I don't know. 

 If there are 1000 of these than I way overpaid for it but I hadn't heard that when I bought it and I didn't want to take the chance to never see it again so $26 didn't seem out of the question.  It does look good next to all it's twins in it's new home even if it ends up that I paid too much.

2012 Player Collection complete, bring on 2013!!


dkwilson said...

I think the Player Sample card is pretty sweet regardless of how many copies there are because Bill Virdon actually owned that card at some point. Very cool!

gcrl said...

I got a darryl Spencer player sample sent back with a Ttm request. Pretty cool.