Friday, October 15, 2010

Seeking Information About A Vintage Card...

I do a daily search of eBay for oddball Bill Virdon cards that I do not have.  Last week I came across an auction for one such item.  It was a 1960 Key Chain Insert.  I got it in the mail yesterday.

I was expecting small but upon looking at it it really just looks like a clipping from a yearbook.  The card is listed on Beckett but there is no picture.   I don't know it just doesn't seem like it would have been listed by Beckett as a card if it was actually just a clipping.  I just don't know what the card is supposed to look like because I have never seen one before.  There is another one listed on eBay right now but it is from the same seller and I have never even seen one listed before last week and like I said I check it every day.  Does anyone know what these are supposed to look like?

For now I'm crossing it off my list of Virdon cards that I need.  If you have any Virdon cards I would like to make a deal with you.

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Dan McGraw said...

Hey Adam, its Dan from Maine. I think what you got is not what was advertised. I used to have a keychain of Roberto Clemente that was just that, a keychain. It was a mini version of his 1960 Topps card, so if I had to guess that is what this set is. It does look like a clipping from a book or magazine. Hope this helps. look forward to getting the red sox cards. Dan