Monday, October 4, 2010

The end of an era??

Sunday was the end to a disappointing season.  But it may also be the end of an era.  The Captain Jason Varitek may have played his last game as a Red Sox.  I was happy to see the farewell he got when leaving the field during Sunday's game.  I was of course watching from home but I still gave him a standing-o and made my kids do the same. 
There is a possibility he comes back though as a backup.  It depends on what comes of signing V-Mart.  If Martinez signs than that will be the end of the Varitek era with Salty in the wings.  (I spent two seasons calling Daisuke Matsuzaka Dice-K because I couldn't spell his name, wonder how long this one will take me)  If V-Mart goes to another team than Tek is back for another year.

The 2010 Upper Deck Varitek came from Gordon who sends me surprise packages from time to time.  I post a few of them but lots of them don't get posted.  He is a Red Sox collector also and I can rarely find anything to send him in return that he doesn't already have. 

Gordon helped fill out a bunch of my junk wax era cards with his latest package.

The last 87 Fleer I needed.

The last 92 Fleer I needed

The last 93 Donruss I needed. 

 All in all he knocked out about 6 team sets that I only needed a few cards for and a slew of other cards I didn't have yet.  The last package I sent was the first time what I sent was heavier than what I received.  If you add up all the cards we have traded though I am seriously behind. Thanks again Gordon


Anonymous said...

When I saw "the end of an era", I initially thought you might be talking about Mike Redmond's retirement ;)

RedSoxCollector said...
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RedSoxCollector said...

Glad to help Adam, I don't consider that you owe me anything. (That doesn't mean I don't love your packages, I do!)

Varitek was an integral part of two world championships, but all good things must come to an end. I would love to see Victor return, the whole hand wringing thing about "he doesn't hit that well when he's catching" was proven wrong for sure.

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