Friday, October 8, 2010

My peices of the Troll Break

By now everyone knows the scoop on this.  The Collective Troll held a group break but instead of cash it took cards to claim a team.  Here is my haul. 

First up is O-Pee-Chee.  When I started seeing other bloggers getting these I got excited cause Canadians are stingy so it is always nice to get some of their cards.  These 87s on top of the few I already had give me enough to put them in a binder rather than a box. 

Here are some more O-Pee-Chee but these are sneaky ones.  It doesn't say O-Pee-Chee anywhere but on the back in little bitty type.  These made me go through all my 70ish cards to see if some were in my collection already disguised as regular Topps cards.  Nope, all I had was Topps.

More Old O-Pee-Chee cards though these are not in disguise.

You can't tell from the scan but the Saito is a Refractor.  It scanned a little lighter than the Regular Chrome Bard but you still can't make out the refractory goodness in the scan.

LLLOOOONNNGGG ago Marck went on a large card kick.  He bought a bunch of oversized cards.  This one was on the block and I claimed it right away.  Now I just have to figure out how to store the thing.

Pinnacle came out with these in the late 90s they were following the Highland Mint craze and made coins of players.  I have a Marino one in my Player collection (maybe two) and my son has one in his White Sox collection but this was the first one in my Red Sox collection.

Last but not lease it this Manny Jersey card.  I bet Manny still thinks he is worth 20 million next year but  I don't see him getting over 10.  He sure didn't help himself during his White Sox stint. 

Thanks for the break Marck.

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Charles @ Hoopography said...

Great Master Photo card. Early TSC is one of my favorite products.