Saturday, August 29, 2009

When getting new cards is a chore

Warning - Extra long post full of run on sentences

I hated how long it takes me to update things when I get new cards. Getting new cards shouldn't be a chore. Let me explain.

I have a hand written checklist of all the team sets I am chasing. It is one of those little Ultra-Pro 4 slot books with 10 pages. The kind I used to take to grade school with me to trade cards. I have a checklist in each slot, front and back. So I can carry 80 checklists around with me. No I don't carry it everywhere with me but i do take it to card shows and shops whenever I have a chance to go to one. (I also take it whenever I travel because you just never know...) This is the first thing I do when I get new cards. One time I brought it to a card show and assaulted $1 vintage boxes at about three tables. I brought home like 30 new cards but 5 or so were doubles, not doubles of cards that I already had,doubles of cards I bought at other tables that same day. I know that sounds ridicules but in my defense I was keeping an eye on a 3 year old while at the card show, and it was in the middle of a shopping mall. Ever since I update my list right in the middle of card shows.

Once I get home I have a 2nd checklist to update. I have an Excel spreadsheet with every Red Sox card on it, minus inserts unless I am specifically chasing them (like A&G minis, Goudey Minis, Masterpiece Borders, etc). Oh and nothing older than 1940 because I have so few cards older than that I can remember them all without any kind of checklist. It took me weeks to compile. If anyone wants a copy of the master list e-mail me and I will send it to you. Anyway after I update it I then have to go into Blogger and update each post by year when I get cards. Even tagging them it takes forever and I hate to do it. But I have come up with a solution. I uploaded my excel spreadsheet into Google Docs so now I can just change my one spreadsheet and upload it. I don't know why I didn't think if this sooner.

If you haven't figured it out already this is me pimping my new checklist so please check it out.


Ryan said...

Adam! You won the Allen & Ginter Contest! Come claim your prize so the other 8 can pick theirs as well! :)



SpastikMooss said...

Lucky mofo.

Also, I still have red sox cards to trade you. Let me know if you want them.