Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trade with Project Phillies

I recently traded cards with Project Phillies. (Okay so it wasn't really so recently, actually over a month ago. But better late than never. I sent away a big pile of Phillies and got a whole bunch of cards in return. This wasn't the normal every day trade. I got a little bit of everything.

First off is the RC of Trot Nixon. This is probably the 4th RC of him I have, for some reason early 90 Red Sox cards seem to elude me.

She also sent me some vintage Sox.

I love the 67 set for it's simplicity. Name - position - white border

Topps Attack

Hall of Famer

(there will be more before this post is done)

Elusive Cards - This was the last card I need to finish off my team set. It seems kind of weird I would need anything from one of the most overproduced sets of all time.

Now things start to get REAL Interesting!!

Red Sox Autos

Vintage Odd Ball Cards!!

Topps Embossed Frank Malzone
This is the first Topps Embossed I have ever owned.

69 Topps Stamps Yastrzemski

This scans horribly. It is truly an awesome card. Easily my favorite of the deal.

If it wasn't for the Yaz stamp card this Delcarmen auto would be my favorite of the trade. I really thought he was going to be traded at the deadline.

Thanks for all the great cards...


Collective Troll said...

DUDE! She totally hooked you up! I don't like the Sox (sorry) but I drooled a little over a few of those. The Yaz card, plus living in Floriduh-seeing players who played for Sarasota and actually made it to the show is pretty awesome too. Anyone who reads this who has any Phillies cards at all-send them over to Project Phillies right now! An excellant trader and collector.

AdamE said...

Yes she really did a good job sending me cards that I liked. Sheis a great trader and I would recommend to anyone that they work something out with her.