Friday, August 21, 2009

Stuff from Stats on the Back and A Big Welcome Back

Stats on the Back recently e-mailed me for my address because he had some Red Sox cards for me. They showed up sometime while I was on vacation in Florida. In all I got 109 Red Sox I didn't already have. On top of that I also got about 40 more that I am able to forward to The Pursuit of Red Sox. I owed him because I got a package from him also but that will be a future post.

This first card that I got in the package From Stats works great today because RemDog makes his return tonight, against the Yankees, after a battle with cancer. Even though Eck has done a good job I love Remy in the booth and I am really glad he is well enough to start broadcasting again.

I have seen these cards on other peoples blogs but this is the first time I have ever had some of my own. Hopefully Upper Deck can do a better job than this without their license. This may be the ugliest set of all time.

I already had this card but it was a great big upgrade for me. Does anyone need my old 75 Dick Drago with a crease in it?

This Tiant card makes me miss both him and Pedro. It is always great having a fun loving outspoken pitcher around.

This was the coolest thing I got from Stats. It is almost an entire team set of 1982 Coke cards. I never even knew this set existed. It took me a while but I finally tracked down a checklist (thank you Zistle) for them and added the ones I don't have to my want list. I'm missing all of the bigger named guys. (Rice, Evens, Fisk, etc...)

I love minis so much I had to scan all of the ones he sent. This first one is actually some kind of Fleer sticker.

This card is number F. I can't find anything on it. I am guessing it is a mini box bottom card.
If so someone did a really great job cutting it out because it has sharp edges and is square.

I am slowly getting more and more 80s mini cards in trade packs. Until last year I didn't even know Fleer ever made mini cards in the 80s.

My box was loaded with oddball 80s stuff like this Revco card. I know I used to have this whole set as a kid but somewhere around 1990 I had a friend who's house burnt down so I gave him most of my baseball cards and focused mainly on football.

More odd ball 80s stuff. The package was absolutely loaded with Boggs.

I want to say thanks for the cards I will be looking though your want lists and hopefully finding some stuff you need to send back to you.

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night owl said...

Those Coca-Cola cards are awesome. I loved all those oddball cards from the late 70s/early 80s.