Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Fantasy break from want lists

I'm sure people have grown tired of seeing my year to year want list come up on blogrolls as I try to build a list of all of the Red Sox cards I do not yet own. It has taken way longer than I imagined it would. I though I could do some copying and pasting and have it knocked out in a few days. That was weeks ago. I can't believe how many sets there were in the 90s. I think it was a good thing that MLB thinned out the herd a few years ago and only licensed Topps and Upper Deck (for now).

As a break in the checklist posts I'm going to post my new Fantasy Team. Old School Breaks put together a league and I jumped at the chance for a team. Our draft was last night. Unfortunately I didn't get to participate. My wife goes to college and they offer free dial up to all students (that is free with not so free paid tuition) so I don't shell out the cash for high speed at home. I tried to get online to participate in the draft and after an hour of trying to load the draft page it errored because the draft was done. Fortunately I had taken the time to prioritize my picks "just in case". I know I didn't rate enough players so the last few rounds were a total crap-shoot. All in all I don't think I did to bad considering that I wasn't there to pick.

Catcher - A.J. Pierzynski
This was one of those crap-shoot picks. I wonder if he doesn't like the in his name like a certain new Yankee.

1st Base - Kevin Youkilis

I'm so happy I got Youk. This is the year he breaks out. Bill James be damned I'm predicting big numbers for Youkilis this year. I had hoped to get him in the 3rd round but if it would have been live I would have probably jumped the gun and taken him in the second.

2nd Base - Kaz Matsui
Puts the crap in crap-shoot but how many 2nd baseman put up big numbers anyway.

3rd Base - Evan Longoria
He better not have a sophomore slump I'm counting on some production here.

SS - Michael Young

Not quite Hanley or Jose but solid.

OF - Manny Ramirez
He seems happy in LA and a happy Manny hits like nobody else. He only played a half year in the NL and tore it up. I think this year may end up being his best year ever. (at least I hope so)

OF - Ichiro
Somebody on this team had to steal some bases.

OF - Adam Dunn

One more thumper in the lineup. I hope he hits in the regular season like he has in the WBC so far.
UTIL - Mike Lowell
Another Red Sox on the team was just luck of the draft because I didn't rate him at all.

BN - Jorge Posada

He may be my everyday catcher if the Yankees would ever decide who was going to do all of their catching.

OF - Nelson Cruz
Again I didn't rate enough players for the late rounds. The ink wasn't even dry in the virtual contract when Nelson was placed on waivers for...
BN - Ken Griffey Jr.
I think Griffey will be my DH. Seattle did build the stadium for his swing. And since he projects to only DH this year maybe he stays healthy.

BN - Hideki Matsui

Not big on Godzilla. The Yankees have so many outfielders he may never even play.

SP - Josh Beckett

My ace. All reports from City of Palms Park say big yer from Josh this year.

SP - Jon Lester

Another Red Sox. I couldn't help myself but rank them all high. I think he deserves it though.

RP - Bobby Jenks

On again off again closer. Scary pick for me.

RP - Jose Valverde

I don't even know the guy. I thought about dropping him for Okajima but I have so may Red Sox already....
SP - Ben Sheets

UUGGGHHH!!! Always hurt not signed = Waiver wire.....

SP - Chris Carpenter

Not a bad waiver wire guy. Supposed to be healthy so far...

SP - Josh Johnson

Don't know this guy either. Mario - was this an ok pick up?

SP - Randy Johnson

Not the Randy Johnson of old but not too bad...

RP - Justin Duchscherer

I can't say his name but he pitched in the All Star game last year so he can't be to bad.

SP - Fausto Carmona

Someone has to be at the bottom of the barrel and there are not really any starting pitchers of note left.

I'm by no means a Fantasy expert but how does everyone think I did?? I think I did okay for not even participating in the draft. The league has head to head scoring and I have a lineup in my head but it would be interesting to hear what everyone else thinks I should do. There is, by the way, some kind of award on the line so I'm not above asking for help.


Dan said...

I think your hitting lineup is pretty good and can contribute to all the categories. You can probably replace Matsui fairly easily. Your pitching needs some work (dropping Sheets is a good idea, Duscherer is hurt too) In a head-to-head league with unlimited transactions, I usually have one roster spot to rotate starting pitchers based on matchups. I like Lester a lot also.

Wax Heaven said...

When you get a chance, drop me an email please.

PunkRockPaint said...

Not bad for an autopick... you better get some high-speediness before our draft...

Almost done w/ your team logo and unis.