Sunday, March 1, 2009

One Halo A Trade

I got an e-mail from I Heart Halos offering up his Red Sox for my Angel cards. It was one Halo a trade. I am only posting a tiny portion of what he sent me.

Ryan sent me some Vintage Sox stuff. I'm not sure what set this card is from but it is awesome. You can't really tell from the scan but it is a 5x7 card.

I'm wish that Kelloggs still put cards in their cereal. I would eat cereal every single morning and maybe even a few other meals as well. I hate to think how many of these my mom threw out when I was a kid. I love the 3-D of the cards to.

He also sent a few Hostess cards. At least I don't have to cringe thinking about my mom throwing these out because I don't remember getting any Hostess stuff as a kid.

Vintage isn't all that he sent. He sent a mini JD.

And an awesome autograph. David doesn't play for the Sox anymore but had a pretty good cup of tea with them and should now be an everyday player now that he isn't locked up behind Manny anymore.

I also got my first Red Sox Patch card. This one is manufactured by Topps but it is still special since it is my first one. You always remember your first time.

He sure is a master of on-line trading.

This SP has me down to only needing 2 more 07 Heritage cards, the team card and David Murphy.

Ryan also sent me the last cards I needed to finish of the 07 Topps Team set.

Going, Going, Going, Gone....

Thanks Ryan for all the great cards.

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