Friday, March 13, 2009

Goose Joak, Red Sox Releif Edition

The Red Sox pen looks downright awesome this year. Okajima, Saito, and Ramirez linking up to Papelbon should be able to hold the line pretty well. That isn't even mentioning Delcarmen, Lopez, and sometimes (maybe unless he starts, cross my fingers)(and toes) Masterson. This has to be one, of if not, the best pens in baseball.
Here are a couple Goose Joak relievers...

Manny Delcarmen: Manny has a ton of potential but has yet to live up to it. Maybe '09 will be the year he breaks out.
Hideki Okajima: One of our most reliable guys in the pen for the last two years. Only time will tell if the 8th inning is going to be his or newly acquired Ramon . This is a great shot of his curious throwing style. Notice he doesn't even look at the plate while throwing the ball.

Justin Masterson: Lost amid the medias attention on Buchholtz and then Lester is Justin Masterson, who just may end up being the best of the three. Not only does he have great stuff but as a rookie last year performed great even when under playoff pressure.

Takashi Saito: Picked up from the Dodgers he is supposed to be the link to Papelbon. As a former closer he should have the stuff if he can make the transition to the 8th inning role.

Jonathon Papelbon: I can't help it but when I think of Papelbon he reminds me of John Rocker. I know someone is going to say "How can a Red Sox fan think that"? Well, they are both southern boys, loudmouthed, and elite closers. (at least Rocker was till he fell apart) Did I mention loudmouthed? To me Pap is also a train wreck waiting to happen. Don't get me wrong right now he is the most dominate reliever in baseball, but his antics make him look like he is one step from the edge. Hopefully I am wrong but the Red Sox seem to sense it to given their reluctance to shore him up like the rest of the young guys. Here he is in a Rocker like moment, minus the mullet.

If nobody else thinks he acts like Rocker I'll go with this one instead.

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Dave said...

These are awesome! Do you have the larger/full scale versions that you can post or send?