Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Paging Collector in Duryea PA

I received an envelope from someone in Durea, PA 18642. Whoever sent it did not put thier name on the return address so I do not know how to contact them. The reason I would like to contact them is I think they sent this to me in error. In the package was a Topps gold Carlos Gomez card. If you sent this please contact me by comment or e-mail.

Also I am way behind on posting cards I have received. I have two packages to post from White Sox Cards and I have to be the blogger that is the farthest behind on posts. I got cards from him all the way back in January. I'm going to post them soon but not this week or next week but sometime in the near future, if you consider two weeks near future. I also have a package from Tribe Cards, Grand Cards, Saints of the Cheap Seats, The Pursuit of Red Sox, I am Joe Collector and The Pettitte Pursuit. Hopefully I am not missing anyone. If you sent me something and I haven't posted some cards you sent or listed you above please drop me a reminder.

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FanOfReds said...

I believe Topps cards come from Duryea, PA. Did you happen to send in a card for redemption or replacement?