Sunday, May 6, 2012

Contest Winnings!!

Brian from Play At The Plate recently held a contest and I was lucky enough to be selected the winner.  He sent me a rack pack of Gypsy Queen.  Not only is this a contest review but this is the first GQ I have seen this year so I get to review the set itself.  

The rack pack had 3 mini packs in it and one pack of bordered cards.  Here we go:

These are some really good looking cards.  I got 2 Braves that are destined to be part of some Braves package and a mini Brewer to send to Alaska.  There are so many Brave bloggers I am always out of Braves cards.  

I have always hated the Padres camo uniforms.  A year ago I would have packaged those Wilson cards right back up and sent them to Brian.  Now that he is an Angel though they are destined to rot in a box in my closet cause nobody want Angel cards.  At least someone may want that black bordered one.

A Kofax! If I didn't think he already had it I would mail that sucker to Night Owl cause I'm pretty sure I owe him cards but I'm sure someone already sent it to him.  (I'd send him the Gordon form the last pack to but same thing)  I don't like how many times Mariano shut my team down in the 9th inning over the years but I hate the way he may have to end things.  
Now the bordered cards.  Castro Kershaw and Bench.  That means I got shut out of Red Sox.   I guess so as they go on the field so goes my pack opening.  (Maybe Night Owl needs this one)

Luckily Brian sent along one extra card.  A bordered Lester.  Finally a Red Sox.  That is why I don't open many packs, I never get any Red Sox that way.

Thanks for the great contest Brian.   And for throwing in that extra Red Sox card.


night owl said...

I do need the Koufax and the Kershaw (but not the Gordon).

Play at the Plate said...

I have another of the Bronze bordered Sox cards that I would swap for the Bench.

Spiegel83 said...

I just pulled a 2012 Gypsy Queen Jon Lester GU Jersey. Please email me if your interested.