Monday, May 7, 2012

One Card Challenge Update - A Want List Assault

I got a heck of a package from DocHodolay.  It was one of those packages that do damage to a want list.  Not regular damage it was all Team Set completion cards.

First is the last Black Bordered Masterpiece I needed.  Manny here is the last one I needed for 08.

1999 Score Nomar.  That blue shirt under his jersey doesn't quite look right for me.  Should have wore a Red one.  I know Under Armor wasn't around to sponsor guys back then but surely he could afford something red.

Not a very faltering shot of Bowden, even it is still a card that I needed.  At one point I thought Michael here was going to become a really good pitcher.  It hasn't happened yet and he isn't having that great of a year. Evidently Theo remembers something about his potential though since he traded Byrd for him.

Jed is tearing it up in Houston.  Hopefully he stays healthy and turns his career around down there.

Ortiz is carrying the Red Sox this year.  Yeah, we are under .500 but you can't expect Big Papi to carry em all.  Not that I'm superstitious but I quit blogging about mid-season last year and the team fell apart maybe all that they need is...

This is the second of what I feel will be many many more trade packages I get from Mat.

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Matt Perry said...

Glad you liked them! There will indeed be some more Sox headed your way, I've got a near complete 3rd Red Sox GQ set with your name on it :)