Saturday, December 17, 2011

On the 4th Day of Christmas the Diamond King sent ot me.

 A bunch of all time greats including Fred Lynnee.

I know that rhyme was a stretch but it is harder for me than it should.

Our trade started with the Williams Classic Combo card.  It was part of his Beckett Bashing experiment.  I took forever sending hims somethign in return and probably ruined his experiment in the process.  I had good intentions when I made the trade though.  Hopefully Kevin liked what I sent him. 

I should have scanned the top middle Pedro by itself.  It is the best card out of the bunch.  In hand it looks great.  It isn't like any other Topps insert I know of.  It is more like a Pinnacle dufex card and I love it. 

Thanks for the cards Kevin.  Sorry It took me so long to get you a return package and hopefully you were happy with what I sent.

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