Saturday, December 24, 2011

On the 11th Day of Christmas The Diamond King Gave to Me..

 A yankee named Whitey.

Kevin of The Diamond King held and awesome contest.  I was lucky enough to win the 60s HOF lot.

This is actually the 2nd time I have had this card in my collection.  Not just the second time I have owned a 1960 Whitey Ford, the second time I have owned this particular 1960 Whitey Ford.  See I sent it to Kevin as part of the Beckett Bash.  The Beckett Bash is actually what got me entered in the contest.

This is the only vintage Ruth I have ever owned.  I know it isn't from his playing days but still cool.

This is also the only vintage Aaron I have ever owned.  The only other Aaron I have ever probably owned would have been either an A&G or a Cards You Mom Threw Out.  This is much better. 

While I am very appreciative of the cards I got they are all up for trade.  I'm not going to trade them for just anything though.  I'm limiting it to vintage only.  What I really want is a 61 Yaz but I'm open to some other vintage stuff.  I think after Christmas and all these 12 days posts I will do a vintage tradebait post. 

Thanks for the cards Kevin.  You were very generous.