Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Smetimes cards minic life

I have driven the sam vehicle forthe last 14 years.  My jeep has taken me places I was never ment to go, in more ways than one.  I used to take it 4-wheeling every single weekend.  I have puored more money in the thing than I have ever spent on cards.  If it can be replaced I have replaced it.  Then I had kids and havn't went on a trail ride since.  Last winter my beloved Jeep's rearend started making a grinding noise.  I was certain it was a pinion bearing.  I didn't really want to mess with working on it in the dead of winter so I borrowed a truck from my in-laws.  (I replaced a clutch in the snow once and that was enough mechanicing in the cold for me.)  Then I ended up buying the truck I was borrowing and the Jeep just sat there.  Well this weekend I decided to tear it apart.  It was prety tore up in there (I drove it home when it started grinding) and the carrier (most expensive piece) had some big gouges in it but was still able to salvage it.  I was buttoning it up Saturday night when I realized I didn't have the silicon to seal the differential cover so I took a trip to Wal Mart.  While I was there I grabbed a pack of Ginter from the top loader.  Here is what I got:

A tooth marked mini card.  It is all marked up just like my carrier was.  If I wasn't alll greasy from wrenching I would have openend the packs before I put the cover on and I would  have taken a picture to compare the tooth marks.  The cool thing is just like my Jeep had tooth marks in it then I got to enjoy driving it agan, the card behind this one was an auto. 

Not a great auto but it is always nice to beat the retail odds.

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